BETWEEN THE WORLDS - this is a photo project that I started in 2019 in Cuba.

This Caribbean island, called the pearl of the Antilles, is for me a place where two worlds collide, where time has stopped on one side, and at the same time,

through a slightly open door, new ones are trying to break in.

It is a very complex world with a dissonance between the ideas of revolution and contemporary reality.

I am interested in the moment of transition and sliding of these worlds - a utopian model of reality with the dichotomy of human life and the looking contemporaneity.

I reached for black and white photos for a reason. In this way, I wanted to emphasized the political and economic situation in Cuba.

When I photographed the streets of Havana, I saw the paradox of living in a paradise where the only right way to freedom is a system that was supposed to create a new man but broke him.

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