The project called "The People of Work" is focuses on people working in the public and private sectors. I am interested in changes and economic transformation in Cuba since 2010.

From 2010, Cuba has reduced the number of jobs in the public sector to the private sector.

In the days of Fidel Castro, family businesses were rare where 85% - 90% of the economy belonged to the state.

Since 2011, the Cuban government has decided to promote self-employment in Cuba, introducing 178 professions that can be practiced. He expanded this number in 2015 to 201 to reduce in 2018 to 123 professions to which Cubans are entitled (from a rickshaw owner to a rabbit breeder).

A list of allowed independent actions along with the number of authorized licenses has been announced by the government to avoid rising unemployment and social problems.

The photographic project concerns people in both sectors.

The first in the state sector and

the second in the private sector - photographs of 123 professions that the Cuban can undertake.

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